Frequently Asked Questions

Please review this list of frequently asked questions. It includes valuable information on topics such as minimum license requirements, rates, graphic usage, the approval process, and shipment policies. If after reviewing this list you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. Do I have to license the entire series?
    No, but there are minimum purchase reqirements. The minimum purchase reqirement for our exclusive campaigns is either FOUR or FIVE spots, depending on the series. But for oursingle spot series, it's only ONE!
  2. Do we receive exclusivity in our market?
    For spots licensed from our exclusive campaigns, you will receive exclusivity in your Designated Market Area* (DMA) for one full year for the series you license. For spots licensed from our single spot series, exclusivity is for 3 months.
    *Except NY, LA, and Chicago.
  3. How are markets designated?
    Nielsen Media Research supplies Designated Market Area (DMA) definitions. Generally, Nielsen annually assigns groups of counties with Metro/Central-area commercial stations to DMA's on the basis of Neilsen Station Index audience estimates. DMA's are non-overlapping areas used for planning, buying and evaluating television audiences.
  4. If I have multiple stores in the same market, will I have to pay extra to use your campaigns?
    Absolutely not! As long as your multiple dealerships are under the same ownership and within the same Designated Market Area, you will not pay extra to use the campaign.
  5. Can I put my commercials on a service like YouTube and embed them on my website?
    Choose Youtube UNLISTED Option.While we prefer you encode and store the video on your own server, we do permit using services like Youtube, providing that you upload the video using the UNLISTED option (see inset). This will let you link and embed it on your website or Facebook page, but keep it from being "casually" viewed out-of-context on the Youtube website.

    Often, the emailed review file you receive from us when you approve your order is sufficient enough to upload and play on Youtube. However, if you require a higher-resolution file, a different format, or are unable to digitize your video yourself for such delivery, we can prepare your commercials in most any format and resolution your web developer would need. Please contact us for details, as additional pricing may apply.

  6. Do you buy cable or broadcast television schedules?
    No. We do not buy television schedules. We simply sell great television commercials.
  7. How long are your campaign leases?
    For commercials from our exclusive campaigns series, your license is for 12 months. For spots selected from our single spots series, you license is for 3 months per commercial.
  8. Can we use our local production facility to customize the commercials, or do we have to pay you for customization?
    The choice is yours. You can buy the commercial "shells" (i.e., only the opens and closes) and have your local production facility customize them*. Or, if you like, you can hire to customize them for you.
  9. How does customize my order?
    You give us your promotions (deal points, offers etc), we write the copy. After the script has been approved by you, we will create the customized insert with your location, website, phone number etc. All Photos of your Dealership, Logos, Disclaimers, and Running Footage must be supplied by the Dealership.
  10. How do I approve my custom insert order?
    Once we've completed your customized insert(s), we will email you a video for you to approve before we send the final Commercial. It is your responsibility to ensure all elements meet any brand requirements. This includes checking the disclaimers and any requirements for co-op approval. Please review the emailed videos carefully. We cannot be held responsible if an improper logo or other element is used in your insert. If you need higher-resolution screen captures to review any disclaimers, please ask.
  11. What are your payment terms?
    Once we receive full payment for the commercials licensed, we will immediately upload your commercial(s).
  12. What is your experience in the production of auto commercials?
    RYNO Production, Inc., the parent company of, has produced thousands of auto commercials over the last 32+ years.


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